Quick Start For Sales Cloud

Duration: 1 week

Cost: $5000

Key activities

  • Business Review.
  • Solution Design.
  • Data Migration.
  • Develop User Interactions.
  • Implement Security Policies.
  • Training.
  • Go-Live Support and Assistance.

Key benefits

  • Improved CRM adoption.
  • More time selling.
  • Enhanced visibility.
  • Improved analytics.
  • More effective collaboration


Modern businesses optimize customer experience to stay competitive. Sadly, corporate teams often work with outdated technology. They spend too much time on administrative tasks, legal paperwork, and reporting. Sales organizations need to spend less time on non-sales tasks, instead they should dedicate more time to selling. So, how can businesses effectively manage the needs of their customers with so much to do already?

The answer is – by utilizing Sales Cloud.

It provides a sales solution and increases the productivity of your sales team. Sales Cloud will help you to:





  • Find new leads and close deals much faster
  • manage leads more effectively
  • standardize your prices and quotas
  • access client details much faster
  • predict trends and customer behavior
  • Reduced administrative burden.



» We start with a ‘Business Review’ to understand your current state vision, goals and processes. We will work with your sales team to define what works, what does not, and what needs improvement. We will provide a solution and a road-map that will guide you to the journey of a long term success.

» Next step is to build an user experience that is clean and simple. Our goal is to align, automate, and simplify the sales process. We will provide critical information to your teams so that they can create a personal connection with prospective and existing customers.

»Focusing  on continuous improvement with analytics will be the next step. We use key success metrics to build reports & dashboards to support your goals. To interpret analytics and your customers useful data is essential. While importing your accounts & contacts, we will work with you to keep your data clean and useful.

» Customer interactions are crucial. We will brand your communications and provide a way to generate leads right from your website.  We will set reminders and build a process that always keep clients on top of your mind.

» Security is paramount for maintaining customer trust. We will help add users, access policies, and ensure data is available only on a ‘need to know’ basis.

» Finally, adoption is our number one goal. A system that is not used, does not provide value.

 We will track your success with ongoing training which includes

  •  live training on your Sales Cloud solution.
  •  a self-paced curriculum for all users, existing and future.
  •  a schedule for adoption and best practice guidelines.
  •  go-live support for 30 days.
  •  follow ups (quarterly) for the first year to be sure you are on the right   track.