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Sustainability in Business

Cloudland Technology helps organizations of all sizes take actionable steps toward what it really means to green their business, tell a purpose-driven story and build go-green efficiencies into their business core for long-term growth. We develop the business case and strategic alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) roadmap to create value in a multi-phase journey with people, planet and profit activities.

sustainability in business
Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability Assessment

  • Measure social and environmental performance
  • Review policies and procedures of business foundation
  • Identify economic and social development opportunities
  • Take meaningful business action through dynamic assessment, bench-marking and improvement



  • Mindful-decision impacts on employees, community, customers and environment
  • Highest standards of performance and transparency
  • Improve company culture and build a story-brand
  • Join a global movement to collaborate with leaders across sectors

Sustainability-Driven Strategy

Sustainability-Driven Strategy

  • Integrate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into business strategy and operations
  • Set data driven goals and track improvement
  • Reduce business risk level
  • Understand and share your sustainable, social impact

Zero Waste Initiatives

Zero Waste Initiatives

  • Reduce product lifecycle 
  • Reduce overall waste output
  • Improve resource efficiency
  • Integrate suppliers into sustainable practices



Business As A Force For Good - People, Planet & Profit Foundation


Align SDGs into Business Profile & Take Action


Operations, Supply Chain & Business Model to Create Positive Impact & Identify Risk Areas


Collaborate Internally & Externally with Meaningful Business Actions


  • Let Cloudland get your business up and running on Salesforce Sustainability Cloud through our tailored Quickstart. 

    Salesforce Sustainability Cloud enables businesses to quickly track, analyze and report reliable environmental data
    to help them reduce their carbon emissions. A company’s carbon footprint data is visualized in dynamic reports
    and dashboards—both for audit purposes and for executive engagement—with insights that empower businesses
    to drive climate action programs at scale. 

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