Who We Are


Our mission is to change the landscape of service delivery. We aim to empower businesses with the tools which they would need, to become more efficient and provide high-quality customer service.


Digital technologies are evolving faster than ever before. They are changing the face of business and companies need to evolve quickly or they’ll perish. According to a recent study, 89% of organizations consider adopting a digital strategy, however, only 44% have actually done it.


Throughout our journey, we’ve noticed that many products claim a lot of value but sadly more often their implementation falls short. Digital solution companies do more technical work than consulting, they implement technologies at a tactical level. Yet, it doesn’t align them with their clients’ business vision. They focus on day-to-day operational needs, but not enough on strategy or future vision. As a result, company culture and processes lack functional changes. Customers aren’t able to fully realize the benefits, hence fail to see the value from these solutions.


We want to change that.


Instead of plain technical work, we also provide consulting, to help customers address both tactical issues and long term growth using technology, specifically, by migrating customers to automation and cloud technologies.


Our goal is to align our clients’ digital strategy with their business vision and needs. This improves adoption and reduces expenses in delivery. It also shows customers the immediate value of their investment.


Are you ready to transform your organization to its core? Then let’s do it together!


Be Innovative
Anybody can follow directions and procedures, but it takes a creative mind to come up with something new and valuable, using the tools available, as well as your experience to innovate.

Be Agile
Big bang approaches do not work, it’s all about the journey. Start simple, start small, and build gradually. There are valuable lessons throughout the process, learn from each of them and adjust along the way.

Be Empathetic
Take your time to understand the business and the customers’ challenges. Help the customer in defining the solution, utilizing best practices and life-time experience.

Be Humble
We are all experts in our field, but don’t assume that you know all the answers. Truly appreciate the situation from the customers’ point of view.

Have Fun
Technology is a serious business. The impacts of your work can either be grave or great. Our work improves lives, but you will not be great until you enjoy what you do.


Founded in 2014 by Paul Cannon, Cloudland Technologies originated after years of business consulting. Paul had noticed many inefficiencies in the common practices of digital transformation. He believed, that there could be a better way to deliver value.


However, things didn’t always run smoothly. Coming from high-end consulting, Paul had a different vision for Cloudland which offered more generic services and quick implementation for a much lower price. But it didn’t bring the desired results and it wasn’t sustainable.


Paul was struggling to deliver his vision, and the company was falling short of obtaining true value. To stay afloat, Cloudland needed to change. Through consistent work and attending numerous workshops, we learned the following:

  • Clients need to focus on tactical issues first
  • Clients need to see the value quickly
  • Clients need to see their growth


Taking these into consideration turned Cloudland into what it is today. Instead of quick implementation, we started spending more time defining customers’ vision. We now take our time to map the technology implementation with the goals of the company. We empathize more with the company and also work with the end-users to understand their needs. It helps us to address the pain points and better align with our clients’ unique needs. We apply structural changes not only to company processes but also to its culture.


Instead of quick-time gains, we started building plans for steady and gradual progress. Now, we don’t try to do everything at once, instead focus on issues that need immediate attention first. Then, we develop a road-map with long-term goals to ensure that there is a continuous value path.
Instead of general services, Cloudland now focuses on specific products and areas. It allows us to provide more targeted information and closely work with each client.


Over the years, Cloudland has helped clients in a variety of industries. From finance and pharmaceuticals to e-commerce and non-profit. We also care about our community and commit 1% of our revenue to it.


Tara Williams, CEO

Tara Williams, CEO

Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Founder, Tech Entrepreneur, Mentor, Collaborator, Superpower Positive Visionary, Cat Devotee, Theater Enthusiast, Concert Go-er, Outdoor Trailblazer, Female Advocate, Book Club Boss.  Tara loves to talk about how to solve complex global people problems and her family.


Tara is a Tech Exec and business builder with a solid background in product management, innovative technology solutions, and sustainable business strategies.  She helps business leaders start, grow and maximize their success developing results-driven relationships. Tara consulted technology software strategies and tech stack solutions for a wide range of industries including hospitality, international governments, and trade securities.  As a Co-Founder, Tara removed limits for the blind and visually impaired starting a smart technologies company to help make their life safer.


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Business Founder, Tech Geek, Salesforce Crackerjack, Outside Space Preserver, Tinkerer, Master Craftsman, Countryside Motorcyclist, Chief Volunteer, Veteran, Sailor, Cynophilist.  Paul enjoys spending time with his family and long chats about how to create new business solutions.


Paul launched a progressive career as an engineer, architect and program manager transforming businesses through innovative digital transformation and technology strategies.  His ability to gather client requirements and implement profitable projects is unparalleled in the tech space. As a business founder and board member, Paul balances demands of building solid relationships, creating value and delivering tangible results.  Paul helps businesses align their vision to success through technology and his customer-centric approach.   


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Paul Cannon, Founder and COO

Paul Cannon, Founder and COO

Amanda Burman, Head of Sustainability

Amanda Burman, Head of Sustainability

Strategist, Ecopreneur, Superpower Connector, Audacious Explorer, Culture Seeker, Curious Learner, Sport Competitor, Minimalist, People-Planet-Prosperity Promoter, Dark Chocolate & Wine Enthusiast.  She strives to rid the world of plastic and preserve ocean health.


Amanda Burman is an environmentally and socially conscious entrepreneur with a leadership background in hospitality, operations, and technology. She owned and operated restaurants in a highly competitive market implementing zero-waste strategies. Amanda offers her expertise in green, clean responsible business practices leading sustainability consulting initiatives.  She helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and believes we must act sustainably until it is second nature; an integral part of every decision we make.


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