APIs Are Transforming the Future as We Know It

APIs Are Transforming the Future as We Know It

The production of the first telephone in 1876 changed the world as we knew it. It created a means to speed communication between individuals. No longer did you need to wait months, weeks, days, or hours to talk in person or send mail. Individuals were able to immediately gain feedback, work on ideas, and build relationships. This invention led the world down an accelerated path of growth and innovation. It laid the foundation for future internet and mobile devices.

Today, the average person cannot imagine life without a telephone. Mobile devices provide an instant connection to information and others anywhere, anytime; we don’t even have to talk anymore. We don’t even have to talk anymore. Tomorrow, innovations in technology such as IoT, AI, and Machine Learning will create new innovations well beyond what we could have imagined. Self-driving cars, a house that talks to you, a machine that can win Jeopardy, and more to come.

API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) have enabled much of these technological innovations. API’s are a way for IT systems to talk to each other. Telephones changed the world by connecting people together. APIs will change the way businesses and products communicate and collaborate. By sharing information, ideas, and services innovative solutions will be developed at speeds that are almost unimaginable.

  • An automated car can use Google maps instead of building their own.
  • A LG stove can shut itself off when an Nest alarm is triggered by smoke.
  • A cell phone can print images directly to Walgreens before you even get near the store.
  • Watson AI can give you a diagnosis and plan to your medical issues by sending you a diagnosis kit to your home.
  • A Google Assistant next to your bed can have an Uber waiting at your door before you get up.
  • Your vacuum can start cleaning your home after your thermometer tells it that you are not longer home.

The future is now. Interconnected services across very different companies are encouraging us to do more with less and faster. The question now is will your business be part of this interconnected world? Will you require someone to walk to your business to consume your services and products. Do you have services that can be used by others to speed technological innovation? Most likely you do, even if you don’t know it.

An API management strategy is the gateway to your future success. Are you ready?

As always: Be Agile, Be Creative, Be Valuable

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