Top Reasons Why Salesforce Benefits FinTech Firms

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Top Reasons Why Salesforce Benefits FinTech Firms


Financial Technology or FinTech, for short, is a term used to describe the new financial services sector that is rising in current times. Any type of technological progress that is made in the financial sector including banking, investment, cryptocurrencies and even in financial education, comes under the term FinTech. So, if you are doing any sort of financial transaction and maintaining a double-entry record book with you, you are utilizing financial technology for that. FinTech aims to keep up a stiff competition with the traditional financial services in the way financial services are provided to the people.

How Can Salesforce Benefit FinTech Firms?

Nowadays the entire Custom Relationship Management (CRM) system is inclining and shifting towards cloud computing and Salesforce is the king in cloud computing. For FinTech firms, where customer relationship is given immense priority, Salesforce, definitely, has plenty of benefits.

  • Helps in Establishing a Business Model with Customer in the Center

With Salesforce on the side; financial businesses can easily differentiate between customers by creating different segments for them. This helps the business to communicate with the customers on the medium which is preferred by the customer and mold their financial services in accordance with the financial goals of the customer.

By utilizing a CRM like Salesforce; the requirements of a customer can be well-identified and financial solutions can be provided to them at exactly the time when the customer needs it the most. This customer-centric approach, undoubtedly, helps to give a big boost to the number of loyal customers associated with the particular FinTech company.

  • The Entire Process of Engaging with the Customer Becomes Simple

Salesforce aims to simplify the entire process of dealing with the customer. Customers, of course, expect a quick service and speedy response from the financial business. Traditional financial services cannot be expected to work at a pace which the customer desires.

FinTech firms, with Salesforce, can transform the entire financial sector as everything, right from onboarding a customer, responding to customer queries and providing the financial product which the customer desires, will become quick, fast and, in most cases, will happen in real-time. This brings an immense amount of joy to the customer as everybody is looking for a quick and speedy resolution for their needs and grievances in the current technically advanced world.

  • The Marketing Process can be aimed in the Right Direction

With Salesforce, it will become immensely easy and simple to access reports highlighting the trends and behavior of the customers, from anywhere and anytime. Hence, it becomes really convenient for the marketing team to decide and frame the best possible marketing strategy. Moreover, marketing strategy can be easily personalized in accordance with the needs of a particular customer. Salesforce makes access to the required information pretty convenient.

  • Sales Get a Boost as Increased Conversion of Leads Takes Place

Since the financial business will be able to fetch the financial information and needs of a particular customer in real time, it will become extremely convenient to give the customer the financial product which he/she desires whenever he/she is in extreme need of the same. This way sales, definitely, get a massive boost and number of leads can be converted to permanent and loyal customers.

Also, due to the incorporation of the latest technology, fewer persons will be required to handle major tasks thereby giving a significant amount of boost to the profit levels and reduction in expenditure.


These are only some of the major benefits that Salesforce can bring in for the FinTech firms. Every customer is looking primarily for a great service and this is what keeps the customers coming back for more. Salesforce makes it possible to provide a level of service beyond customer’s expectations thereby facilitating the addition of loyal customers to a financial business.


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